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Leadership and Management

Com uma abordagem pedagógica, que combina a eficácia da transferência do aprendizado para a prática, terá orientação de professores especialistas em suas áreas de atuação profissional.

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You Will Learn

The volatility of the market within industries is increasing the competition among the industries’ players, which forces companies to come up with new business strategies or processes that will allow them to stay on top of their games. Leadership is one of the critical factors that can affect the implementation of change and how employees react towards it. Leaders are expected to be able to bring their team members together to work towards the same goals that support the organizations or businesses in which they are working. When leaders can bring out their team’s best performance, this will result in better performance of the organization as a whole, where they are ready to face the competitive market and become more successful.

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Your profile

These programs are open to those who are interested in honing their professional capabilities.

Students of the IEC or other universities in Germany are also welcome to apply. These programs are especially helpful for students who graduated from a Bachelor’s study with less than 210 ECTS and have to acquire additional credit points.

Learning Objective

Our Leadership and Management program provides a comprehensive understanding and detailed knowledge of the core leadership and management mindsets and practices. In this program, the systematic journey through the fundamentals of leadership and management will be combined with the discussion of essential topics like digitalization, virtual work, diversity, etc.

The acquired knowledge and the developed competencies will help participants to define an effective and future-ready leadership approach for themselves and their organizations.

This Leadership and Management program will provide knowledge on the level of a Master´s degree. Upon completing the program, participants will receive a Diploma of Advanced Studies degree

You Will Learn

Our practice-oriented approach will allow you to develop the necessxary skills and qualification to become successful in:

  • Business Management
  • Sustainability Management
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Corporate Sustainability Strategist
  • Risk Management Specialist
  • Transformation Manager for Sustainability
  • Entrepreneur in the field of Sustainability

Your curriculum

These IEC modules will be delivered in an online and asynchronous method using the INSIDER Online Learning Tool. Except for the “Research and Science Project”, these modules will be delivered in English. An additional online onboarding session with the IEC and the IOM will take place on 16-Feb-2021, to introduce this new method of learning to all students – new students, as well as existing students enrolled in 2020.

Your Foundation - General and Innovative

Leading and Managing Yourself and Others
Analytical Management
Management by Objective
Innovation Management
Network and International Management
Action-oriented Mindset and Practices

Your Study Process

Important Note!

Please kindly click the button for more information about the INSIDER.

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Your Study Structure

You start your studies whenever you want

Thanks to the unique curricular concept of our program with flexible entry opportunity, you can start your studies any time which suits you the best. All modules and additional sessions are arranged following your start. Direct your studies like never before.

Do it your way now, ONLINE

Once admitted and enrolled, each student receives access to the exclusive learning solutions designed precisely for this Master’s degree course to secure academic success. For each module, every student gets detailed specialized materials which should be processed before the LIVE Group Study Sessions take place. No fixed venues and no travel and living expenses needed for that.

Admission requirements

Application to the course is open to anyone who can present a first university degree or an equivalent degree that also have modules in economics, finances, business, research methods, mathematics, and statistics (for at least 35 ECTS credit points). Students who does not fulfill this requirement can apply for a preparation courses at the IEC. To apply to this Master's program, please submit the following documents:

  • Signed latest updated CV

  • High School Certificate or Equivalent

Your academic profile and working experience will be assessed in detail during 2 application interviews. To ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible, all documents that are originally not in the German or English language should be translated to German or English by a sworn translator and sent in PDF format. A language proficiency certificate can be submitted upon admission if necessary. However, please note that you cannot be enrolled unless all documents required have been completely submitted.

How to Apply

The application and admission procedures consist of 4 steps which might take up to 2-4 weeks to process:


Submit your application via the online application form or via email. No deadlines to consider.


Participate in 2 (two) application interviews which aim at assessing your profile and capabilities for the course


If admitted, confirm the admission by submitting the completed admission documents by the submission deadline provided


Once the first installment is paid, you are automatically enrolled in the course starting from the date of your choice

The Cost of Study


1980 Euro


250 Euro

One -Time Admission Fee

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Contact Person

We will assist you to understand your study program better and to a make decission .

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Consultation Partner

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