With our practice-oriented approach, you will be guided by Lecturers who are also expert practitioners in their fields

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Programas Corporativos

The IEC offers Corporate Programs that give more in-depth knowledge in various aspects of Business and Organizational Psychology.

These 6-months online programs consist of LIVE Virtual Seminars and Self-Learning activities, with multimedia learning using our online learning tool, the INSIDER. Throughout the course, the participants are encouraged to apply knowledge and skill they learned to their organization and see real results created from their active learning.

The advantages of these programs are:

  • Obtain a Diploma of Advanced Studies degree from state-approved German UNIVERSITY
  • Have a high degree of FLEXIBILITY to study while still attending responsibilities at work
  • Opportunity for IMMEDIATE IMPLEMENTATION of new knowledge and skills in day-to-day roles

These programs are open to those who are interested in honing their professional capabilities.

Students of the IEC or other universities in Germany are also welcome to apply. These programs are especially helpful for students who graduated from a Bachelor’s study with less than 210 ECTS and have to acquire additional credit points.

The starting dates for 2020 are available in the individual module descriptions.


Leadership and Management Berlin, Germany

The volatility of the market within industries is increasing the competition among the industries’ players, which forces companies to come up with new business strategies or processes that will allow them to stay on top of their games. Leadership is one of the critical factors that can affect the implementation of change and how employees react towards it. Leaders are expected to be able to bring their team members together to work towards the same goals that support the organizations or businesses in which they are working. When leaders can bring out their team’s best performance, this will result in better performance of the organization as a whole, where they are ready to face the competitive market and become more successful.

Through this program, we aim to help organization leaders to define a practical and future-ready leadership approach for themselves and their organizations.