Master in I/O Psychology

Commonly known in Europe as Business and Organizational Psychology

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Master in I/O Psychology

The dynamic development and constant transformation of businesses, economy, and societies bring many new challenges in all areas of working life which are calling for modern professional and management competencies. Industrial and organizational psychologists are in great demand in the labor market, be it as HR specialists, trainers, coaches, or as business consultants. Our Master's program teaches the essential functional and managerial expertise to develop the personal skills you need to understand and shape the many factors and mechanisms at work in any organization. Everyone from any walk of life is welcome to apply because our Master program is suitable for anyone – from business managers, HRM managers, psychologists, marketing experts, social workers, engineers, and scientists, as well as students from other professions who are interested in finding new career opportunities.

Industrial and Organizational Psychology Graduate Programs

We offer scientifically grounded academic studies with a strong professional practice. The aim of our Master's programs is to produce professionals who are prepared to face a vast range of functions and fields of work. In addition to this, our campus is located at one of Berlin’s business hub, with many companies in the surrounding area.

Two Master Programs: M.A. in I/O Psychology and M.Sc. Psychology in HRDM

For students reaching us from India, we also offer our collaborative degree program where students obtain their MSc Psychology in HRDM from CHRIST (Deemed to be University) with MA in Business and Organizational Psychology by a project competence-oriented program from the Steinbeis IEC through credit transfer system. As part of the program, in their third semester, students also have to attend classes at IEC campus in Berlin. Additionally, students can also choose to do their internship in India or in Germany.

For more information about this program please visit MSc Psychology in HRDM.

I/O Psychology Master in Berlin

Berlin is a city that offers international exposures to students through its diverse population. Additionally, the city is also known as a hub for start-ups. Studying in Berlin is therefore attractive to many international students, because the proximity to the start-ups offers plenty of opportunities to get the career experience and exposures they need while completing their studies. It also give our students easier access to find a client for their Transfer Project, a scientific research they have to work on throughout their study period, which is an essential part of our transfer-oriented learning approach.

For more information about this program please visit Business & Organizational Psychology.

Master of Science Business Management and Organizational Psychology

This study program might be the perfect option for students who live outside of Germany or the European continent. We offer this program 100% online, while still providing intensive and continuous support to students through regular LIVE sessions and individual coaching process. The program is design to provide high flexibility to students, allowing them to pursue their degree without disrupting their professional or personal commitments. Due to its flexibility, students can decide to start their study anytime as we have a new intake every two months - in January, March, May, July, September, and November.

For more information about this program please visit MSc Business Management Organizational Psychology.

Major Topics I/O Psychology

Our I/O Psychology study programs cover topics related to the human behavior in organizations and the workplace. The aim is to help our students gain a deeper understanding of the organizational development, career development, human performance, individual assessment, job and task analysis, and many other activities in the workplace.

Business & Organizational Development
Historical roots and a current approach to organizational development; principles and elements of organization design; strategies of division of labor; principles of process management
Business & Market Psychology
Principles and theories of marketing; various applications of marketing theory; consumer behaviors and decisions; marketing and advertising psychology
Human Resource Management
Fundamentals of human resources management; fundamentals of human resources management; effective solutions for strategic personnel issues; future importance of a scientific foundation in human resources management
Change Management
Terms, history, and approaches of Change Management; interventions to support change processes on the individual, team, and/or organizational level; newer approaches that will significantly shape the change management of the future
Diversity of the concept of leadership; leadership and motivation; classic leadership theories and the concepts of new leadership
Diagnostics and interventions on all levels (individual, team, organization); organizational culture; consulting approaches

Advantages of studying I/O Psychology at the IEC

Opportunity to flexibly adjust the pace of your studies to accommodate your personal needs – to suit your work and family commitments
Opportunity to take your study materials to work and discuss them with your colleagues – which also helps apply your new insights to your everyday practice
Access to a diverse professional network in various industries
Real-time industry insight from our faculty members who are also working professionals
Opportunity to study and work together with other students in an international and multicultural environment
Dedicated learning platform provided to aid communication during your course

Our Student's Journey

After several years of working closely alongside leaders of large organizations, I had a desire to transition from merely being an observer to a contributor. The knowledge I have gained at Steinbeis has been invaluable in helping to partner with leaders I support, becoming a more proactive involved employee. The interactive theory/real-life experience has been very helpful in applying the concepts in everyday working environments. For me personally, I learn much better through real-life application. Something that really helped a lot was when the facilitators would preset us with real client problems that they faced in their careers.

Hannah King

Executive Assistant

The Study Program offers advanced methods to explore the state of organizations and unlock the hidden dynamics of the psychology of change, fundamental aspects in the age of acceleration. Those methods help me becoming an expert of the change and ultimately finding ad-hoc interventions to unleash individual and organizational potentials as people leader in the short term and as business coach in the future.

Evangelista De Luca

Leader Budget and Headcount Planning

Each module is carefully thought out considering the scope of issues and problems we deal with within organizations. It is very insightful to learn factual theories and practices related to organizational issues and prepare a knowledge bank for myself while looking for solutions in the real world.

Trupti Kavathekar

Human Resources Professional

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