Mauritius Lohmer

  • Partner at osb international
  • Organizational consultant and management trainer on strategy development and implementation, international organizational design, change management, and coaching management teams
  • 30 years’ experience as an organizational consultant for numerous international enterprises
  • Companion of change processes and transformations
  • Active internationally in Europe, USA, China, India, and Mexico

Selected Experience

  • Undertaking strategy development projects including subsequent implementation e.g. at Borealis, DLR

  • International organizational design of business units and functional departments e.g. at BSH China, USA, Asia/Pacific and Audi Mexico

  • International Development Centers for top management positions e.g. at Siemens China, India, USA

  • Coaching for individuals and management teams e.g. at ZF, BSH

  • Qualifying E2 functions in the development of functional strategies e.g. at Allianz Deutschland

  • Strategy and change consulting for family enterprises e.g. at Knauf

  • Consulting for change management in radical transformations e.g. at Fraport AG

  • Industries: consumer goods, electronics and automobile industries, infrastructure providers