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The Steinbeis-Hochschule, or also known as the Steinbeis University, is a private, state-recognized university founded in 1998 in Berlin.

The Steinbeis University primarily offers part-time degree and non-degree courses, both in Berlin as well as across Germany. In addition to undergraduate courses, the Steinbeis University’s curriculum includes master’s courses and certificate courses.


Through strengthening the links between the scientific world and the industry, Steinbeis University aims to increase competitiveness among the students and the companies beyond the pure knowledge transfer and application. The core of the concept is built on an accompanying project-competency study: the students engage in projects with their companies in order to transfer their study contents and insights into practice.

Organizational Structure

The university is directed by its presidents, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Abendschein and Prof. Dr. Giorgi Khubua. They are assisted by the university council with representatives from the industry, science, and politics.

Every person is welcome here. The principles of our free democratic basic order are non-negotiable.

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“Advanced method to
help me become an expert”

The study program offers advanced method to explore the state of organizations and unlock the hidden dynamics of the psychology of change, fundamental aspects in the age of acceleration. Those methods help me becoming an expert of the change and ultimately finding ad-hoc interventions to unleash individual and organizational potentials as people leader in the short term and as business coach in the future.

“The lecturers have many years
of academic and professional experience”

The professor and lecturers all have many years of academic and professional experience in the relevant fields. Their lectures are engaging, fun, informative and made easy to understand; they always do their best to explain and answer every question clearly