Prof. Dr. Mario Vaupel Founder and Director

The Institute of Executive Capabilities (IEC) was founded by Prof. Dr. Mario Vaupel in 2011, after having over 20 years’ experience as a business executive and quality management for universities and business schools.

Guiding Principle

With innovative and consequently transfer oriented study and certificate programs the IEC strengthens the capability of employees and executives to handle increasing performance requirements on the basis of future-oriented competencies, mindsets, and practices.

Thereby, all programs of the IEC are guided by the idea to strengthen the creative role of employees and executives, and, in particular, their economic, social, and ecological responsibility.

“Stimulating the critical thinking
of the students”

The delivery method is progressively preparing the students in writing scientific papers through glossary terms exercises. The mix of academic Lectures, HR professionals and business consultants is definitely a winning formula offering multiple perspectives and stimulating the critical thinking of the students.

Evangelista De Luca

Leader Budget and Headcount Planning

“I particuarly appreciate the
Project Competence Studies”

At the IEC, I particuarly appreciate the model of Project Competence Studies. It has shown me that even complex theoretical content can be treated in a manner which makes it applicable to professional practice. I can recommend the IEC unconditionally.

Anja Courte

Project Leader