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Master Business Management

Online Masters with a specialization in HR and Change Management

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Master of Science






24 Months



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Self-directed learning;
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FIBAA accredited

You Will Learn

This program imparts essential skills in business management. Additionally, the program is designed to cover the increasing demands on HR functions and change management. The most critical specialist knowledge, concepts, and instruments are imparted for the essential skills in business management, HR functions, and change management.

After completing this course, you can independently develop and implement business-oriented solutions in general and HR and change management strategies and concepts in particular. In combination with the strong basic knowledge learned from the business foundation modules, students develop a deep understanding of how to create business and customer-oriented HR and change designs.

Furthermore, with the intensive training on critical thinking skills, you will know how to analyze various success factors and possible pitfalls in Business, HR, and Change Management. In this background, you can contribute to concepts, decisions, and implementation in your company.

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Your Profile

You realize that change is of vital importance for organizational growth and success, and you want to lead your team toward successful change implementation and continuous improvement. You are looking to be a more effective leader, who can navigate through the complexity of organizational change brought about by organizational, cultural, human, as well as technological factors.

Your Future Perspectives

Our practice-oriented approach will allow you to develop the necessary skills and qualification to become successful in:

  • Business Management
  • HR Management
  • Project Management
  • Consulting
  • Coaching

Our Student's Journey

The study program offers advanced method to explore the state of organizations and unlock the hidden dynamics of the psychology of change, fundamental aspects in the age of acceleration. Those methods help me becoming an expert of the change and ultimately finding ad-hoc interventions to unleash individual and organizational potentials as people leader in the short term and as business coach in the future.

Arshad Sheik

Human Resources Manager

The study program offers an advanced method to explore the state of organizations and unlock the hidden dynamics of the psychology of change, fundamental aspects in the age of acceleration. Those methods help me becoming an expert of the change and ultimately finding ad-hoc interventions to unleash individual and organizational potentials as people leader in the short term and as business coach in the future.

Evangelista De Luca

Leader Budget and Headcount Planning

Selected Lecturers

All Lecturers
Prof. Dr. Mario Vaupel

Director of the Institute of Executive Capabilities

Prof. Dr. Andreas Aulinger

Director of the IOM Institute of Organization & Management

Dr. Stela Dhima


Dr. Felix Langness


Dr. René Jerusalem


Your Curriculum

The master program consists of foundation modules, which cover the topics of business and science, as well as specialization modules, which cover the topics of HR and change management. These modules will be delivered to you via the INSIDER Online Learning Tool, where you will get access to your learning materials, assignments, and exams. You can also join online LIVE sessions and engage in discussions with your classmates and the lecturer of each module. Additionally, you will also work on a Transfer Project, which will allow you to transfer the new knowledge you acquire into practice.

Your Foundation Modules

Economics, Politics, and Society
  • Economics: Philosophical perspectives; Political approaches; Model landscape
  • Politics: Definition and delimitation; Stakeholders; Power-bases; Influencing factors and processing methods
  • Society: Perspectives; Expectations and influencing factors; Business ethics; CSR; Corporate governance; Compliance
Strategic Management
  • Systems theory of corporate governance; Levels and functions of an integrated corporate management system
  • Key aspects of the normative management level (corporate values, goals, vision, culture, constitution, mission) as the starting point for strategy development
  • Strategy focused organization and effective strategy process
  • Market-oriented strategies (competitive, market, customer strategies, dynamic strategies, delta strategies)
  • Resource-oriented strategies (business model, resource, and competence strategies)
  • Innovation strategies and disruptive business models
Innovation Project
  • Innovation management by observing the environment - methods and current trends, especially in the context of digitization, e.g., innovation radar, trend radar, networking strategies
  • Innovation management through leadership, corporate culture, and organization - methods and current trends, e.g., labs, design sprints, rapid prototyping
  • Development and presentation of own innovation ideas
Business Organization
  • Building blocks and tasks of the organization as a management task
  • Importance of corporate culture and organizational culture
  • Studies on motivation, satisfaction, loyalty, and commitment in companies
  • Methods for strengthening agility in organizations
Leadership and Communication
  • Communication models
  • Basics of non-violent communication
  • Communication instruments and communication strategies of the management
  • Directions of leadership
Project Management
  • Fields of application for project management and the spectrum of project types
  • Controlling tools and project management
  • Multi-project management and project portfolio management
  • Leadership and conflict management in projects
Philosophy of Science and Research Methods
  • Basic concepts and rules of empirical research.
  • Criteria for selecting qualitative and quantitative research methods.
  • Specific aspects of conducting investigations.
  • Design-oriented research approaches.
  • Scientific communication and research ethics.
Advanced Statistics
  • Data acquisition and preparation
  • Introduction to a statistical program (SPSS and R)
  • Various research and analysis methods
The Future of Business Organization
  • Organizational design for unpredictable environments
  • Concepts of agility and ambidexterity
  • Design principles for enterprise networks
  • Methods of self-organization and collegially managed enterprises
  • Basics of sociocracy and holacracy
Change Management
  • Philosophies and drivers of change management
  • Effective architecture and support of change processes
  • Implementation of digital transformation, agile organisation and self-organisation
  • Dealing with emotions and resistance
  • Shaping change and staging it culturally
  • Processing of practical examples of the students with the Change Canvas

Your Specialization Modules

Strategies of HR Management
Scientific basics of a strategic personnel management Scientific examination of megatrends from the perspective of HR Transformation of the corporate strategy into human resources management HR as business partner Agile personnel management Personnel management in ambidextrous corporate structures Trend research in personnel management
Workforce Management
Requirements for strategic personnel planning Workforce management in volatile markets Development of management culture in line with the strategy Performance management in hierarchical and agile working environments
Value-driven HR Management
Requirements/internal target groups of modern personnel administration HR Offshoring and HR Outsourcing: opportunities & risks, best practice & limits, practical implementation Quality management in personnel administration Qualitative vs. quantitative personnel controlling; operative vs. strategic personnel controlling Possibilities of software support for personnel work Development of a requirements profile for a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) in an internationally active company
Organizational Consulting, Organizational Development
Consulting Individuals Consulting Groups Consulting Organization Diagnosis on individual, team, and organization level Organizational Development vs. Change Management Evidence-based Diagnostics
Psychological Aspects of Change in Organizations
Psychological aspects of the group, structural aspects of the organization Psychological aspects of the individual Elements of successful change processes in organizations Instruments for successful change management

Optional Additional Offers

Pre-Master’s Courses
If you still need to fulfill the minimum ECTS requirement before starting your master’s program with us, we offer a selection of Pre-Master’s Courses. Check out our Pre-Master’s Courses page for more information, or contact
Leadership and Management
If you are interested to enhance your leadership and management capabilities alongside your master’s studies, our Corporate Program “Leadership and Management” might be a good option for you. Check out the program page for more information, or contact

Your Study Process

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The INSIDER is a multimedia learning solution designed to facilitate your learning process and optimize your learning experience. It is a sophisticated yet user-friendly and straightforward learning solution, easy to access, does not require an additional download, and accessible anytime and anywhere! Through the INSIDER , you will have access to your learning materials, module assignments, and exams. In addition, the INSIDER also allows you to see your grades and individual feedback for your work.

Your Study Structure

Start your studies whenever you want

Thanks to the unique curricular concept of the study program with flexible entry opportunities, you can start your studies any time which suits you best. We have a new intake every 2 (two) months – i.e., January, March, May, July, September, and November. All modules and additional sessions are arranged following your start. Direct your studies like never before!

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Once admitted and enrolled, you will receive access to the exclusive learning solution designed precisely for this master’s program to secure your academic success. For each module, you get detailed specialized and multimedia materials. No fixed venues, and no travel and living expenses are needed.

Do your exam whenever it suits you

Integrated into our online learning solution, you are given up to six weeks to work on your module and complete your Transfer Works.

Your Transfer Project

Throughout your study, you will be working on a Transfer Project in the field of your choosing. Work on what intrigues and motivates you, and implement the new knowledge you gained immediately into practice or your area of work.

Stay supervised on your path to a degree

In addition to the online modules, you can join the online LIVE Group Study Sessions (GSS), where you will have the opportunity to discuss the module subjects intensively through content- and reflection-oriented sessions. You will also have the mandatory online LIVE Group Project Sessions (GPS), where you get the necessary support you need for the completion of your Transfer Project through exchange sessions with lecturers or project coaches.

Your final exam

Stand for your ideas and thoughts! The final exam covers the presentation and defense of your Master’s Thesis.

Sample Study Plan

Check out the sample study plan to get a better idea of when the LIVE sessions will take place, so you can plan your study accordingly to accommodate your other activities – i.e., work schedule, family commitments, etc.

Study Policies

While the study program is delivered by the IEC, it is organized in accordance with the study regulations and policies (SPO) of Steinbeis University. During your study period, you are expected to follow the policies and guidelines provided by both institutions.

More about the study policies

According to the SPO, the study program is called

Master Business Management (M.Sc.)


Management, Entrepreneurship & Strategy


HR and Change Management

What is ECTS?

ECTS is a standard calculation of credit points used by European universities to show the students’ workload. ECTS credit points are a quantitative means to describe the workload that the students have completed or need to complete during their study – whether it is in the form of learning activities or achievement of the expected learning outcomes.

More about ECTS here

Admission Requirements

Application to the course is open to anyone who can present a first university degree or an equivalent degree that also have modules in economics, finances, business, research methods, mathematics, and statistics (for at least 35 ECTS credit points). Students who do not fulfill this requirement can apply for a Pre-Master’s course at the IEC. To apply to this Master's program, please submit the following documents:

  • Latest updated CV (signed)

  • Letter of Intent

  • University Certificate with Transcript of Records (min. Bachelor's degree or equivalent)

  • Proof of English proficiency (IELTS 6,0 / CEFR - B2 / TOEFL Paper-Based 547 / TOEFL Internet-Based 78)

You can send these documents to or via our Online Application Form by clicking the "Apply Now" button. Your academic profile and working experience will be assessed in detail during 2 application interviews. To ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible, all documents that are originally not in the German or English language should be translated to German or English by a sworn translator and sent in PDF format. A language proficiency certificate can be submitted upon admission if necessary. However, please note that you cannot be enrolled unless all documents required have been completely submitted. The application and admission procedures consist of 4 steps which might take up to 2-4 weeks to process:

  • Submit your application via the online application form or via email. No deadlines to consider.
  • Participate in 2 (two) application interviews which aim at assessing your profile and capabilities for the course
  • If admitted, confirm the admission by submitting the completed admission documents by the submission deadline provided
  • Once the first installment is paid, you are automatically enrolled in the course (unless you are required to complete a Pre-Master’s Course)

How to Apply


Submit your application via the online application form or email to No deadline to consider!


Participate in two admission interviews with our Admission Team and one of the Program Directors.


Upon getting accepted, confirm your admission by submitting the completed admission documents as instructed – please pay attention to the submission deadline.


Make a payment of your first tuition fee installment and start your study!

The Cost of Study

Tuition Fees


* /Month Equal to 74.5€/ECTS



One-time admission fee

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*Payment is made in 24-months period; no charge for study extension for up to 12-months

The tuition fees cover access to the INSIDER Online Learning Tool, teaching materials available via the e-learning platform Moodle, access to the online libraries, professional coaching during the student project as well as the access to IEC-Alumni organization. You can choose the payment option that is most suitable for you - i.e., total payment upfront, semester installment, or monthly installment. There will be no additional installment fees.

How to Finance Your Study at Steinbeis

What is ECTS?

ECTS is a standard calculation of credit points used by European universities to show the students’ workload. ECTS credit points are a quantitative means to describe the workload that the students have completed or need to complete during their study – whether it is in the form of learning activities or achievement of the expected learning outcomes.

More about ECTS here

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