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M.Sc. Business Management

with specialization in Marketing and Advertising Psychology


Next Intake in 2020
: 16.09.2020 and 18.11.2020
: 120
Type of Study
: Full-time, Blended Learning
: Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Program Description

Successful managers and project supervisors need practical psychology knowledge to clearly see the relationships between the behaviors of the customers and the market.

Students in the Market and Advertising Psychology specialization will develop an in-depth understanding of both markets and customers as well as the interactions between the two. These can ultimately determine the success of companies in an everchanging marketplace.

The Master of Science is offered by three cooperating institutes of Steinbeis University: SMI, IEC, IOM.

Future Perspectives

The knowledge and skills that you acquire from this practice-oriented Master's program Business Management with the specialization in Business & Organizational Psychology can be applied to organizational and economic areas that are becoming increasingly important, for example:

  • Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Project Management
  • Control of Networks
  • Consulting
  • Personnel Management (e.g., Leadership, Personnel, and Organizational Development)

The Modules

Deine Foundation - generalistisch und innovativ

  • Strategische Unternehmensführung I&II
  • Führung und Kommunikation I&II
  • Projektmanagement I&II
  • Markt, Kunde und Marketing I&II
  • Economics, Politics and Society I&II
  • Finance I&II
  • Wissenschaftstheorie und Forschungsmethoden I&II
  • Statistik Advanced I&II

Deine Spezialisierung – Markt- und Werbepsychologie

  • Business Psychology I&II
  • Psychologie des Angebots
  • Psychologie der Nachfrage
  • Neue Aspekte der Konsumentenpsychologie
  • Marketing Communication & Branding
  • Market Research & Consumer Behaviour
  • Sales Management & Negotiations
  • Innovation Project
  • Research and Science Project

Study Structure

This course offers an intelligent combination of self-study and coaching, intensive in-class sessions, and self-directed project work. .


Your in-class sessions at our university

Efficient and "holiday-friendly" - students go to the Steinbeis study centers for their classes approximately every 4 to 6 weeks (usually from Thursday to Sunday).

Your self-directed study

Do it your way!The students receive detailed information about the upcoming in-class sessions as well as self-study material and tasks from the lecturers. You can work on these materials in your own way in preparation for the seminar.

Your exams during your studies

Always know your stuff. After each in-class session, you will write a transfer paper or take a written exam. A transfer paper is between 5 and 8 pages; an exam lasts 60 minutes.

Your travels during your studies

In addition to SMI's optional trips abroad, you can also travel with the IOM to the world's largest conference for management researchers - the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. This conference takes place every year in the first half of August in the USA or Canada. Alternatively, you can organize a stay at a renowned Indian partner university in Bangalore with the IEC.

Tuition Fees

The total tuition fees are 21,900 EUR.

The tuition fees cover access to the INSIDER online learning solution, teaching materials available via the e-learning platform Moodle, access to the online libraries, professional coaching during the student project as well as examination fees and the access to IEC-Alumni organization.

Application Requirements

Application to the course is open to anyone who can present a first university degree or an equivalent degree that covered courses in economics, mathematics, and statistics (a pre-course can also demonstrate this).

To apply to this Master's program, please submit the following documents:

  • Latest updated CV
  • Letter of Intent
  • High School Certificate
  • University Certificate and Transcript (min. Bachelor's degree or equivalent)
  • Proof of German Proficiency (minimum B2 level)

You can send these documents to Studentinfo@Steinbeis-IEC.de or via our Online Application Form by clicking the "Apply Now" button below.

To ensure that your application is processed as quickly as possible, all documents that are originally not in the German or English language should be translated to German or English by a sworn translator and sent in PDF format.

We offer this Master’s program several times per year. Therefore, you are free to apply at any time of the year.


“A well-balanced mix of in-class teaching
and self-learning”

The extra occupational master’s degree course offers a well-balanced-mix of in-class teaching and self-learning periods. This enables me to stay focused on my job while upgrading my education.

Andreas Monschein

Senior Internal Business Auditor

“It doesn’t have the rigidity
of normal scholastic teaching methods”

It [the study program] doesn’t have the rigidity of normal scholastic teaching methods and promotes actual learning from questioning than learning for the sake of tests/marks. As the daily commute and attendance are almost entirely eliminated, I can focus on other hobbies and personal life equally and thoroughly. Infact I can study completely according to my personal and family convenience.

Trupti Kavathekar

Human Resources Professional


Prof. Dr. Mario Vaupel

Prof. Dr. Andreas Aulinger

Johanna Strump, M.Sc.

Dr. Johannes Heekerens