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M.A. Business and Organizational Psychology

Language of Delivery: ENGLISH

Next Intake: 22 May 2020

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Programme's Description

Language of Delivery: English

The dynamic developments in the economy and society and the consequent increasing demands on all aspects of working life require contemporary work and control skills. To meet the challenges, versatile educated professionals and managers are required which focused on the future with its economic and organizational psychology competence in the interaction between man and the economy.
The aim of the course "Business and Organizational Psychology" is to provide necessary technical and managerial skills and the development of personal skills to oversee and shape the diverse conditions and contexts of workplace practices can. Given the potential to be economic and organizational psychology knowledge recognized and successfully applied to the daily work of modern organizations. 



The Master’s Programme in Business and Organizational Psychology at the Institute of Executive Capabilities, Steinbeis University Berlin, allows you to begin your studies at several points in the year. The programme gives you a great opportunity to get acquainted with essential functional and management expertise and equip you with the personal skills you need to leave your mark in the increasingly complex world of commercial practice.

You will be able to use the practice-oriented expertise that you will obtain and acquire in the IEC course in many organizational and commercial areas that are becoming increasingly relevant in modern business:

  • in many areas of HR management (including leadership, HR, and organizational development)
  • in marketing
  • in market research
  • in project activities and the management of network
  • in consulting

The university course covers 9 modules for a total of 90 ECTS points. Successful graduates are awarded the internationally recognized degree as "Master of Arts"

The Modules

  1. Introduction and Methodology
    Business psychology
    Organizations in a market economy
    Facets of sustainability
    Empirical research methods
    The scientific process  

  2. Organizational Behaviour and Management
    Principles of organization, organizational design
    Individual differences
    Dimensions of individual behaviour
  3. Organizational Consulting and Development
    Team, organization, and culture analysis
    Organizational consulting
    Organizational Development  
  4. The Psychology of Change in Organizations I and II
    Business coaching
    Change management
  5. Business Psychology I
    General psychology
    Differential psychology
    Social psychology  
  6. Business Psychology II
    Psychological diagnostics
    Occupational aptitude diagnostics
    Crisis and conflict management  
  7. Introduction to Human Resource Managements I
    Strategic HRM
    Performance management, talent management
    Personal marketing and recruiting
    Knowledge and service workers  
  8. Introduction to Human Resource Management II
    Diversity management
    Demography and life-cycle-oriented HRM
    Occupational health and welfare  
  9. Market and Advertising Psychology
    Psychology of demand, Consumer behaviour
    Marketing and advertising psychology
    Case studies  
  10. Master Thesis

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees cover: teaching materials available via the e-learning platform Moodle, access to the online librariesprofessional coaching during the student project as well as examination fees and the access to IEC-Alumni organization.

You can choose from two payment options

- total payment in advance: 14.700 € 

- payment in four installments: 3.710 € each

There is also a one-time administration fee of 250€ payable 14 days after signing the Study Agreement. The tuition fees can usually be claimed for tax purposes. Information on funding and financing options can be found here.


This course starts twice per year.


Next start: October 2019 (Winter Semester) and May 2020 (Summer Semester)


Place: Berlin

An recognized university degree is required for enrolment in the course. Students are accepted on the basis of their qualifications, the order of application, and two interviews.


Please note that 300 ECTS points are required to complete a Master's degree. This Master's programme awards 90 ECTS points. If you have achieved less than 210 ECTS points during your Bachelor's study, you will have the opportunity to join our extension modules to get additional ECTS points.


Please send your application to:

Institute of Executive Capabilities

Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin

Prof. Dr. Mario Vaupel

Ernst-Augustin-Str. 15

12489 Berlin


Individual Counseling: 

Study & Program Services 

Phone: +49 30 863206278




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