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Master Programs

Master programs at the IEC give you a great opportunity to get acquainted with essential functional and management expertise and equip you with the personal skills neccessary to leave a mark in the increasingly complex world of commercial practice.

Master of Arts (M.A.)

Business and Organizational Psychology

Berlin, Germany

The dynamic developments in the economy and society and the consequent increasing demands on all aspects of working life require contemporary work and control skills. To meet the challenges, versatile educated professionals and managers are required which focused on the future with its economic and organizational psychology competence in the interaction between man and the economy.

The aim of the course "Business and Organizational Psychology" is to provide necessary technical and managerial skills and the development of personal skills to oversee and shape the diverse conditions and contexts of workplace practices can. Given the potential to be economic and organizational psychology knowledge recognized and successfully applied to the daily work of modern organizations

Master of Science (M.Sc)

Business Management - Specialization: Business and Organizational Psychology

Berlin/Munich/Stuttgart, Germany

Most efficient managers and project managers have one thing in common: having the right eye for talents. Apart from being equipped with such skills, students in the Business and Organizational Psychology specialization will learn how to develop the ideal interactions between organizations and the people involved.

This means you will not only learn how to reach optimal performance for yourself but also your organization.

Business Management - Specialization: Marketing and Advertising Psychology

Berlin/Munich/Stuttgart, Germany

Successful managers and project supervisors need practical psychology knowledge to clearly see the relationships between the behaviors of the customers and the market.

Students in the Market and Advertising Psychology specialization will develop an in-depth understanding of both markets and customers as well as the interactions between the two. These can ultimately determine the success of companies in an everchanging marketplace.