Here you will find a compilation of frequently asked questions about the programs and the associated answers.

The questions and answers can be reached via the link below. If your question is not listed, we are happy to answer by phone or in writing.

What characterizes the concept of studying at Steinbeis IEC?

The concept of studying at Steinbeis/IEC is characterized particularly by the Project-Competence-Oriented program. Along with the academic formation at our university, each student will be working on a project for a company or an organization. Each project will be supervised by lecturers of our university, which guarantees a professional coaching approach.

The study programs presented by Steinbeis/IEC are completely job-related and practice-oriented. They provide you the opportunity to manage your own timetable, to keep you focused on individual professional perspectives as well as essential benefits for students and entrepreneurs by implementing the newly acquired knowledge immediately in the framework of your thesis.

Is the degree(s) at Steinbeis IEC equivalent to those of the public higher education institutions?

The degree programs offered at the Steinbeis/IEC are officially recognized by the Berlin´s Academic Senate. This means the Steinbeis/IEC possesses the same rights as any other public universities: approval of the program-bounded examinations, conferment of academic degrees and the issuance of final examination certificates and documents.

Furthermore, our Master’s program “Business and Organizational Psychology” is accredited by the FIBBA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation), which additionally verifies and confirms the high standard of quality of the program.

Is it possible to pursue a postgraduate degree?

Promotion to a doctorate´s at Steinbeis University is generally possible. The Doctoral Thesis Committee of the university regulates this.