The lasting improvement of leadership practice needs the development of both the mindset and the applied practices of leaders

Study at the IEC

The practical impact of the IEC programs relies on two aspects above all: Our understanding of how executives can be developed further, and our access to methods that match this concept of executive development. In accordance with the current state of research in the area, we at the IEC believe that the lasting improvement of leadership practice needs the development of both the mindset (thinking and feeling) and the applied practices of leaders.

Target Groups

Our study programs are suitable for specialists and managers from a wide range of professional areas, who work in companies or organizations, or who want to open up new career opportunities. With the practice-oriented approach and the competencies of our faculty members, the knowledge and skills gained through our courses can be implemented in various industries e.g., trade, services, management consultancy, banks and insurance companies, industry, health, and social institutions, associations, public institutions, and authorities.


Through our study programs, as well as short courses, specialists and managers who are already at work will be able to acquire additional qualifications that have an impact on their careers and thus increase their individual competitiveness and employability. The courses are also suitable for those looking for a career start in companies as well as non-profit organizations.

Advantages of Studying at the IEC

Flexibly adjust the pace of your studies to suit with your work and family commitments

Individual project coaching

Real-time industry insight from our professional faculty members

Diverse professional network in various industries

Study in an international and multicultural environment

Take your study materials to work and discuss them with your colleagues

Dedicated learning platform to optimize your learning experience

“Plenty of
international elements”

The classmates who come from different nations, their diverse backgrounds and personalities are very stimulating in and outside of the classroom. Among them, I have made friends who are smart and supportive, they are part of the reason why I know I’m on the right track.

Zihao Liu

International Students Advisor

“The knowledge I have gained at
Steinbeis has been invaluable”

After several years of working closely alongside leaders of large organizations, I had a desire to transition from merely being an observer to a contributor. The knowledge I have gained at Steinbeis has been invaluable in helping to partner with leaders I support, becoming a more proactive involved employee.

Hannah King

Executive Assistant